Syntara System, a refined energy awareness system.

Cultivating conscious community, partnering with the unseen forces that shape our world.



You, who have been called to take part in the great turning of these times. You, who have already dedicated yourself to your passions and creativity, to cultivating your spiritual, personal and professional life, in service to the whole. 

Our dynamic and engaged community was created for you. 

It is a space where we can grow in our understanding and application of Syntara System practices, together. A space where you can both receive and offer support, inspiration, connection and insight so that we all may play our part in bringing forth the world we know is possible. 

What is Syntara System?


In Syntara System, you access a deeply integrative, evolutionary energy healing modality that allows you to come into direct, co-creative relationship with the unseen forces that shape our world.


In Syntara System, learning occurs through direct experience, transmission teachings, practice and reflection. We value integration and embodiment through relationships, career and all areas of grounded human expression.


In Syntara System, we strive to build learning environments where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, where each individual’s interests, talents and essence inform the direction of the group and the living teachings that are transmitted.


In Syntara System, we trust that each of us comes into greater coherence with the truth of who we are. Our unique contributions beneficially impact the whole.

What is Syntara System Membership?


  • Our Online Membership supports you in deepening your awareness of the unseen cosmic forces and how they want to support your truest desires. Through courses, meditations and teachings, our membership provides you with opportunities to deepen your understanding, integration and application of Syntara practices and principles to support you in transforming your life and world.


  • We are firm believers in the magic facilitated through communities. And having community is essential as you decondition from old stories and take the required risks to come into greater alignment with the truth of who you are. In the membership, we offer you conscious community support and engagement as we collectively discover—and create—a new way forward.


  • We are living in times of tremendous change. Our world is shifting rapidly and we are being asked to evolve, personally and professionally, to meet it. Inherent in the many crises of our times are tremendous opportunities. New pathways we never considered are becoming possible. Syntara offers ways to work with the mystery and lean into the unknown, so we can create a new emergent world together.

Here's What's Included in Membership




1 Hour Zoom - Weekly

Travel into the unseen realms in these guided meditations. This practice helps you experience and integrate collective and evolutionary energies into your being, life, relationships and communities.


1 Hour Zoom - Twice Monthly

In Sanskrit, Sat means "Being," "Essence," or "Truth." Sang means "Community" or "Together." In our Satsang, we sit in collaborative partnership with the divine and with each other. Questions emerge from our community and are answered through the cultivated channel of our teacher.


1 Hour Zoom - Weekly

In Sanskrit, Sat means "Being," "Essence," or "Truth." Sang means "Community" or "Together." In our Satsang, we sit in collaborative partnership with the divine and with each other. Questions emerge from our community and are answered through the cultivated channel of our teacher.


2 Hour Zoom - Weekly

Practice the tools of Syntara System in community. This is a valuable opportunity to cultivate your skills and understanding of these practices while exploring how to apply them to your unique life situations. 


1.5 Hour Zoom - Monthly

Cultivate your relational skills while building community. Enjoy connection, reflection and the reminder that you’re not alone: you have all kinds of support available to you.


As part of our membership, we offer our introductory course, the Evolutionary Leap. In this course and through the lens of Syntara, you will discover an energetic context and approach towards developing consciousness and integrating your divinity and your humanity; accessing these depths of knowing at-will.

This course is a re-configuring of the content from the first module of our two year training. It will deeply inspire and impact you personally and give you a foundation to engage with all of the other content in our community. It also offers you tools to use in your support of, and interaction with, others. Both on a one-on-one basis and with groups….. personally and professionally.  


You will also have access to two classes, the Torus and the Seven Aspects of Being. These classes deepen the material that is taught in the Evolutionary Leap.


Lean into the support, inspiration and accountability of other courageous pioneers, like you, all dedicated to growing, evolving and co-creating a new world, together.


Tiered pricing based on your ability to pay

$153 is the true cost of the membership. If you have it, pay it. 

If things are tight, we still welcome you at $108 a month. 

If you have plenty and would like to support this work in the world and fill in the gap for those who have less, we would be grateful for your $207 contribution.

“Yes! Sign me up!”
This is a monthly, recurring investment. 
You can unsubscribe at any time.

Why Community

It’s not easy living in evolutionary times. It's not easy being on the emergent edge, called to innovate new ways forward. Community reflection and support is essential on this journey. We cannot get to where we are going alone.

After years of facilitating groups of all sorts, we are firm believers in the synastry of the group dynamic and the unique magic it allows. A group is much more than the sum of its parts. It is an alchemical cauldron that gives rise to unique Medicine, that we each then take out into our lives, gracefully transforming our world.

Benefits of Joining

  • Grow and develop your energetic awareness, understanding and capacity, which allows you to be in direct partnership with the unseen forces that shape your world.

  • Meet others like you and be deeply held in a community of people with common values of sustainability, equity, inclusion, harmony, beauty, grace, magic, Love, pleasure and coherent energetic alignment.

  • Feel more comfortable with the discomfort of change, as the old structures dissolve and you discover the emergent threads of the new.

  • Enjoy more inspired and supported risk taking as you stand more fully in your truth and sense of self. 

  • Discover how to impact sustainable change in the systems of which you are a part.

  • Play in the mystical magic of all creation and be supported by it, too.

What Members Are Saying

You don’t have to lone wolf it anymore.

Join the Syntara System Membership.

Meet our Teachers

Gitanjali Hemp

Gitanjali is a master energy healer, mystic, writer, mother, entrepreneur and the founder of Syntara System, a deeply integrative, evolutionary energy healing and awareness modality. In her work with people, she brings together over 23 years of study and training with healers and masters from some of the world’s richest traditions and most cutting edge healing models. She has spent 21 years in active practice, both as a practitioner, and teacher: facilitating retreats, workshops, professional trainings, virtual courses, ceremonies, women’s groups and working as a consultant for system level change across industries. It is her joy to help bring forth the world we know is possible.

Ruthie Yarme

Ruthie is a Syntara System master practitioner and teacher who brings significant experience tending to individuals and families moving through life’s great transitions. She teaches in all introductory and intermediate levels of training, as well as provides mentorship for students. For the past 8 years as a practitioner, and 5 years as a teacher, she’s supported clients to experience a deeper connection to themselves, to others and to the greater world. She brings to her work a sense of awe for the different ways that people show up through these experiences; and an unshakeable knowing that each of these ways is necessary to the evolution of our world. Helping others find and know their own path is what sustains and inspires her. 

Are You Hearing The Call?

We are being called to shed our conditioned understanding of what is possible and of who and what we think we are and move in an emergent way towards a mysterious unfolding and new way of being. Personally and collectively. 

The more we liberate ourselves and allow our life force current to move through us unimpeded, the more we can influence and impact the world around us in life-giving and coherently aligned ways. 

Yet we know that when the world around you isn’t supportive or reflective of what you know is true, you can wind up feeling uncertain, disconnected and misunderstood. That’s why we created the Syntara System Membership: to provide a space for you to be supported in taking the risks required to create the life you know is possible. A life that is more sustainable for yourself and the earth.  

We would be honored to have you join our community and receive the direct transmissions, support and guidance with your unique unfolding and becoming.

With all our Love,
Gitanjali, Ruthie and the Syntara Team

Be sure to check out our community guidelines and terms, also linked in the footer menu at the very bottom of this page. We're so excited to share in community with you!