Syntara System, a refined energy awareness system.

Cultivating conscious community, partnering with the unseen forces that shape our world.

Evolutionary Leap Students! 

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We're excited to have you join us ✨ 


You, who have been called to take part in the great turning of these times. You, who have already dedicated yourself to your passions and creativity, to cultivating your spiritual, personal and professional life, in service to the whole. 

This dynamic and engaged community was created for you. 

A space where we can learn, share and grow in our understanding, integration and application of Syntara System practices and skills. 

A space where you can both receive and offer support, inspiration, connection and insight.... so that we all may do our part in bringing forth the world we know is possible. 

What is Syntara System?

Syntara System is a deeply integrative, evolutionary, energy awareness modality that allows you to come into direct, co-creative relationship with the unseen forces that shape our world. Awakening you to an embodiment of the full potency of your being. Bringing clarity, connection, unshakeable stability and joy.  

Why Community

It’s not easy living in evolutionary times. It isn’t easy being on the emergent edge, called to innovate new ways forward. Community reflection and support is essential on this journey. We cannot get to where we are going alone.

After years of facilitating groups of all sorts, we are firm believers in the synastry of the group dynamic and the unique magic it allows. A group is much more than the sum of its parts. It is an alchemical cauldron that gives rise to unique Medicine, that we each then take out into our lives, gracefully transforming our world.

Included in Membership 

  • A monthly Energy Forecast offering framing and insight for the month ahead.
  • New Moon and Full Moon transmission meditations and suggested practices to support you staying connected to the larger cycles of which we are all a part.
  • A monthly live Q&A.
  • A multi day guided practice container around the Solstices and Equinoxes. 
  • Regular mini teachings and practices on various energy concepts and applications. 
  • A well tended, curated conversation for integration and accountability that follows a monthly theme.
  • Courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced study and exploration. 
  • A weekly hands on practice class for anyone who has been in, or is currently taking a Syntara System training course. 
  • And the biggest gift is the community connection, the story's and insights, you all share with each other. 

Some Benefits of Joining

  • Grow and develop your energetic awareness, understanding and capacity; allowing you to be in direct partnership with the unseen forces that shape your world.
  • Meet others like you and be deeply held in a community of people with common values of sustainability, equity, inclusion, harmony, beauty, grace, magic, Love, pleasure and coherent energetic alignment.

  • Learn to tend to the old structures in yourself and in the world, discovering the emergent threads of the new.

  • Discover how to impact sustainable change in the systems of which you are a part.

  • Play in the mystical magic of all creation and be supported by it too.

Evolutionary Leap Students

If you are here for the Evolutionary Leap, sign up here for the community membership and you will be taken to the course sign up page. 

You must join the community membership to enroll in class. The course runs 6 weeks and you will get the first month free. After the class is over, we hope that you love the membership and stay with us. If you would like to leave after the class, please remember to cancel your membership.

Be sure to check out our community guidelines and terms, also linked in the footer menu at the very bottom of this page. We're so excited to share in community with you! 

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